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July 5th, 2007

11:05 am
I know I'm a horrible person for this, but I'm breaking character.  It's very hard for me to write in Van's voice since it is so much more practical, scientific and prosaic than my own. Ha, now I am starting to sound like her.

Anyway... steampunk stuff.  I just cleaned up this great old trunk from the basement to keep all my costume pieces in.  It's certainly not Victorian, but it's still perfect.  My grandmother's brother used it when he came to this country from Japan (I think.). If you look very closely, you can see the remnants of the label "John N. Ibara- New York"

I really do need to get going on the clothing though. I was going through my closet the other day, and I realized I have all kinds of things for steampunk inspired inventing wear, with pants and vests and such, but not much for a more lady like ensemble.

Hopefully Krissi-chan is coming to see me today. Then we can stop by Ostara and I can buy that hat I've had my eye on. Huge Victorian monstrosity.  Then she promised me a tea party. >_<

I should give her a ring.
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May 1st, 2007

10:33 pm - Unusual results

Today, a small dispatch team and I raided the Havencourt lab, but found that it had already been ransacked and abandoned.  There were signs of struggle, broken vials and smashed clockwork everywhere, but no sign of Exeter or his automatons.  At first we feared the worst, but we soon discovered that some of the more important papers and instruments were gone: the doctor has escaped.  Apparently, though, so have his automatons.

Remaining on the lookout.

In other news, COG is in an uproar (but when are they not?), and Perendie Mundi is taking an hyatus for the summer months.  Not all is so dreary, however:  I have been working on designs for a sleeker, more efficient pocket machinoscope.  I will post the renderings here when they are completed.

I cannot shake the feeling that all I do is work, flitting from one assignment to the next, one pet project to another. Both are things I love, but I gain no joy from them now.   Perhaps an ailment of the psyche is to blame. I shall have to pay a visit to Dr. Auden from the Med Boards.  There is always a logical explanation.

Anyhow (I am feeling so scatterbrained it's a wonder I can write at all!), I previously made a reference to COG, that needs some explication.

~ Telecalculograph Record for:
      {"The Citizens Outside Government" (COG) }

Leaders: "Dorian" (see: P. Dorian Appelgate), "Delorian" (see: Emiline Appelgate), Jack Millin, Essex Windemere
Approx. Membership: 30 committed members, several hundred close supporters
Centre of Operations: A network of unidentified warehouses in Devon's Soot-town district 
General Purpose: Counter-cultural insurgency, works with local unions, for radical social change

Registry No. : NA
Case No.:  3417809
Incident Nos.:2309 (however, played active roles in numerous other cases)

Particular Menace:  Popular sway.  When COG stands against something, Soot-town and nieghboring districts stand with them.  Usually, this serves no menace to the IRB, but COG does actively take a stand on some technical issues.  For example, they have strong views in favor of automatonic/abioanimachanical reasearch, and it's possibilities for replacing human workers in dangerous, squalid jobs.  Their methods are usually non-violent, but within COG, there are lesser groups and alliances which can become butally violent.

Date Formed: around 1890
Date(s) Apprehended: never as a whole, see individual records (esp. those of the Appelgate twins)
Notes:  To be watched, not bothered and never ignored.

End report~

Renderings on file for {Appelgate, Emiline and Appelgate, P. Dorian}

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April 30th, 2007

09:06 pm - Dr. Exeter ~ Telecalculograph report
Once again it appears as though the mad Dr. Exeter is up to his old tricks again. Reports of rogue arachnid automatons are coming in from all over the city. The bureau will be a mess of damage control tomorrow morning.

~ Telecalculograph report for

{Exeter, Charles (Dr.) }

Occupation: Inventor, Clock repairman
Centre of Operations: 34 Havencourt Ln., Devon
Age: Unknown, past his prime for sure

Registry No. : 00125783 (EXPIRED)
Case No.: 04603462
Incident Nos.:3462, 6354, 7152, 9182

Particular Menace: Penchant for automatronics, steam robotics. Works past authorised scale. Four years ago: NIRB Centre operators picked up heat traces far of the standard machinoscope scale. Investigative team lead by Col. M Dansforth sent to intercept the rogue inventor, instead are met with an army of giant arachnid automatons, then Priv. Van Kittridge wounded. Given field promotion. army incapacitated, but Exeter himself alludes capture. This happens three more times with similar results. Subject deemed harmful, but not imediate threat.

Date Identified: September 23rd, 1887
Date(s) Apprehended: NA

Notes: Evading authorities. At large.

End report~

Rendering on file for
{Exeter, Charles (Dr.)}
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I'd better retire early. It looks as though tomorrow will be quite the day at the office.

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07:28 pm - Ex tenebrae, GNARITAS
Well, it is official. The Aethernet removes all joy from writing. 

Still, it is forever necessary to keep abreast of the newest machinae, especially in concideration of my own rank and occupation. Speaking of said occupation, my field records have gotten utterly out of control.  That, and to get my thoughts out without the constraints of a proper ink and pen, is the reason why I have begun to keep this record.

I do apologize for the stodgy nature of my prose.  Alas! I have never been much of a writer.  Perhaps this will change as I keep this account.
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