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Ex tenebrae, GNARITAS - Notes, facts, observations

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April 30th, 2007

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07:28 pm - Ex tenebrae, GNARITAS
Well, it is official. The Aethernet removes all joy from writing. 

Still, it is forever necessary to keep abreast of the newest machinae, especially in concideration of my own rank and occupation. Speaking of said occupation, my field records have gotten utterly out of control.  That, and to get my thoughts out without the constraints of a proper ink and pen, is the reason why I have begun to keep this record.

I do apologize for the stodgy nature of my prose.  Alas! I have never been much of a writer.  Perhaps this will change as I keep this account.
Current Location: NIRB, Devon Office
Current Music: "The Wrong Side" Abney Park

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