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Dr. Exeter ~ Telecalculograph report - Notes, facts, observations

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April 30th, 2007

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09:06 pm - Dr. Exeter ~ Telecalculograph report
Once again it appears as though the mad Dr. Exeter is up to his old tricks again. Reports of rogue arachnid automatons are coming in from all over the city. The bureau will be a mess of damage control tomorrow morning.

~ Telecalculograph report for

{Exeter, Charles (Dr.) }

Occupation: Inventor, Clock repairman
Centre of Operations: 34 Havencourt Ln., Devon
Age: Unknown, past his prime for sure

Registry No. : 00125783 (EXPIRED)
Case No.: 04603462
Incident Nos.:3462, 6354, 7152, 9182

Particular Menace: Penchant for automatronics, steam robotics. Works past authorised scale. Four years ago: NIRB Centre operators picked up heat traces far of the standard machinoscope scale. Investigative team lead by Col. M Dansforth sent to intercept the rogue inventor, instead are met with an army of giant arachnid automatons, then Priv. Van Kittridge wounded. Given field promotion. army incapacitated, but Exeter himself alludes capture. This happens three more times with similar results. Subject deemed harmful, but not imediate threat.

Date Identified: September 23rd, 1887
Date(s) Apprehended: NA

Notes: Evading authorities. At large.

End report~

Rendering on file for
{Exeter, Charles (Dr.)}
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I'd better retire early. It looks as though tomorrow will be quite the day at the office.

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